Capacity management

Set the capacity of your premises based on property size, usable area and any Covid-19 guidelines to be complied with.

Dynamic access control

Automatically manage access for your customers based on usual business model logic as well as Covid-19 capacity.

Covid Manager Preview 1
Covid Manager Preview 2

Occupancy reporting

Real-time occupancy data for each site with notifications and embeddable stats to help you manage your business.


Easily trace individuals that were in the premises with a suspected or infected person.

Covid Manager in action

Hands-free access

Control virus transmission by reducing access control touch points.

QR Code

Reduce the spread of the virus by letting your customers use their own mobile devices to contactlessly present a unique QR code in order to access and exit your premises.


Replace high-touch access control systems with RFID cards, wrist bands or key fobs (for example) thereby reducing the contact areas at check-in and check-out.

Managed Check-in

Check-in and check-out your customers directly from the dashboard whilst eliminating touch points and maintaining social distancing.

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